Bobby Fischer meets Alice in the work of Norberto Conti

Norberto Conti
“Fischer through the mirror” by Norberto Conti

From Brazil comes word of Norberto Conti, an Argentinian artist with three muses: Alice, Bobby Fischer and quantum physics. These unlikely graces inspire surreal landscapes of chessboard spires of quantum foam, grinning skeletal cats and mirrored paradoxes. His Alice Series, Fischer Series and other works featuring Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkins and superstrings can all be viewed on his Portuguese language website.

Conti’s work was exhibited at the LA art show last January as part of a contribution by members of the Ward-Nasse Gallery.



Norberto Conti
"Fischer through the mirror" by Norberto Conti
Norberto Conti Schrödinger's Cat II
"Schrödinger's Cat II" by Norberto Conti