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The (Red) Queen’s Gambit

The Rev. Ivor Davies (1923-2005), vicar of Hay-on-Wye, had lifelong interests in both chess and the works of Lewis Carroll. His scholarly musings on the subject have been published in journals such as The Anglo-Welsh Review, Jabberwocky, and Theologia Cambrensis. Fortunately, the organization he founded in 1967, the Clergy Correspondence Chess Club, has recently republished… [read full post]


Bobby Fischer meets Alice in the work of Norberto Conti

Norberto Conti
“Fischer through the mirror” by Norberto Conti

From Brazil comes word of Norberto Conti, an Argentinian artist with three muses: Alice, Bobby Fischer and quantum physics. These unlikely graces inspire surreal landscapes of chessboard spires of quantum foam, grinning skeletal cats and mirrored paradoxes. His Alice Series, Fischer Series and other works featuring Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkins and superstrings can all be… [read full post]


A Very Special Chess Set

Chess Table from English Russia

Check out this beautiful custom chess set, featured on the website English Russia. It seems to be a work in progress but, from the description, we gather that the grand scheme is for an ornately carved table concealing a glass chessboard and ivory pieces. Turning a handle shaped like a flamingo’s head will activate a… [read full post]


Mongoose Press Anthology of Chess Fiction reviewed

Masters of Technique, Mongoose Press

In April this year, Mongoose Press released the “first ever” anthology of contemporary chess fiction. Subscribers to our Yahoo news group will already know that one of the stories was written by LCSNA-member and novelist Katherine Neville. Neville’s story featuring Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson sits alongside other stories diverse in genre and inspiration. Other contributors… [read full post]


Amazing Chess Set

Check out Yasmin Sethi’s Alice-inspired chess set! “Inspired by [Through the Looking Glass], the chess pieces have an opaque mirror finish, when they touch the surface of the board they magically turn transparent and reveal the identity of the piece contained inside them. When removed from the board they revert to being opaque, hiding the… [read full post]