Alice Photoshopped: Maggie Taylor’s art

"Call the Next Witness," by Maggie Taylor (2008, archival pigment inkjet print)

Maggie Taylor’s beautiful altered digital photography will be on display in Carlsbad, California, at the William D. Cannon Art Gallery from July 17th thru September 9th. She explained her inspiration, what led her to Alice, and process to the North County Times:

“I had been doing some digital work with rabbits, holes in the ground and Victorian children,” she said from her studio in Gainesville, Fla. “Several people remarked that it reminded them of ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ So I started to do a few images like that, but I didn’t know how much it would take over. Now it’s three years and 45 images later.”


Taylor, who has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Yale and a master’s degree in photography from University of Florida, discovered the computer photography program Photoshop in 1995 and soon saw the value of scanning in images and seamlessly stitching them together digitally. She often has 40 to 60 layers in her images. She scans items and photographs she discovers at flea markets as well as her own works to create something completely new.

For her “Alice” works, Taylor created dreamlike, warm images of Lewis’ fantastical literary creatures as well as daguerreotypes and tintypes of Victorian children. Houses can have bunny ears, and animated playing cards are sharp enough to be weapons.

"These Strange Adventures" by Maggie Taylor



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