Meg Hunt’s Classy “Picture Book Report” of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Picture Book Report of AAIW by Meg Hunt
Picture Book Report of AAIW by Meg Hunt

Illustrator Meg Hunt has some cool Alice in Wonderland illustrations on her website “For 2010, I decided to curate a big narrative project with several friends entitled Picture Book Report,” she wrote.  “Every month we will create a new illustration in a series devoted to favorite books of ours.” These look great, Ms. Hunt, we’d like to see them fledge out into a full-scale illustrated AAIW!

There’s some quasi-related merch on her site – a groovy notebook with an “Live the Love in Wonderland” cover for $18. And, it looks like she also did an illustration of Alice going through the Looking-Glass for a Radiolab live show (an excellent NPR science storytelling show) which was about symmetry. “What better way to showcase that than with the Looking Glass from the second Alice book? If I were to ever illustrate Through the Looking Glass, I would use these colors I think– they had a limited palette for the show, but I really like how it worked out.” Thanks Adam for the tip.

"Alice in Wonderland for Radiolab" by Meg Hunt