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We’re mad as hatters down in Hatteras

The October 2010 issue of the tri-quarterly poetry  journal Blue Unicorn ($7), out of Kensington, California, contains an Alice-themed sonnet, “Hatteras Time,” by Gregory Perry. It has a quotation from Alice and the Hatter’s conversation on time as its epigram. The poem begins “We’re mad as hatters down in Hatteras.”  Ruth Berman reports that the piece “draws on… [read full post]


& now, Karl Rove as Alice

“Perfect Happiness” by Michael Caines, oil on canvas, 48″ x 46″

And a Happy New Year! The past year in political cartoonage has seen Palin and others as Alice. Now Canadian artist Michael Caines has Karl Rove in blue dress. (Rove was political strategist for George W. Bush and is now a pundit for Fox News.) The show “Perfect Happiness,” named after the Rove painting, runs through December… [read full post]


A Jóia de Alice

If you’re in Portugal this weekend, there are seven paintings on display by artist and scholar Maria Antónia Jardim: “I would like to invite all the members of Lewis Carroll  Society to come to OPORTO to see my exhibition about Alice! There will be 7 pictures (oil painted) about the Wonders of Alice and the… [read full post]


Tingling Singh’s Bell

Mahendra Singh’s beautiful new graphic novel version of Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of the Snark got a Christmasy plug in The New Yorker’s blog Book Bench, in a post called “Holiday Gift Guide: For the Precocious Child.” “…Illustrated with delightfully surreal (and somewhat macabre) drawings,” writes Eileen Reynolds. “The language isn’t easy, of course, so save… [read full post]


26 Portmanteaus in a new book

There’s a new book celebrating the art of combining two words into a new word: Portmanteau A-Z: An Alphabet of Portmanteau Words by Rebecca May (Merrell Publishers, $14.95.) It’s hardly encyclopedic, she only chooses 26 words. But Lewis Carroll is credited and discussed in the introduction, and Jabberwocky is quoted at the beginning. Among the words… [read full post]


Atomic Antelope’s Alice iPad e-book not boring according to the NY Times

There’s an article by Alice Rawsthorn in the Nov. 28th New York Times to complain about how “boring” the design for most of the new apps for the iPad have been: “On an Innovative Device, Apps Lacking Imagination.” However! Atomic Antelope’s beautiful and creative Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland popup e-book is singled out as one of… [read full post]