A Jóia de Alice

If you’re in Portugal this weekend, there are seven paintings on display by artist and scholar Maria Antónia Jardim:

“I would like to invite all the members of Lewis Carroll  Society to come to OPORTO to see my exhibition about Alice! There will be 7 pictures (oil painted) about the Wonders of Alice and the beautiful gardens and a picture transformed into a Jewel. The exhibition will take place at Soares dos Reis Museum (a great National museum) on the 18 and 19 December, Oporto.”

Jardim is author of the book Psicologia da Arte – A Imaginação como Pedagogia Alternativa e a Função Terapêutica da Literatura in Alice no País das Maravilhas – (The Psychology of Art – The Imagination Pedagogy as Alternative Therapy and the Role of Literature in Alice in Wonderland, Edições Universidade Fernando Pessoa, 2010)