Seek it with thimbles, seek it with care, order it today from!

There is Thingumbob shouting! Mahendra Singh’s beautiful new illustrated version of The Hunting of the Snark is being released tomorrow, Tuesday, November 2nd (and we refuse to make any Election Day analogies) from Melville House Publishing. You can still pre-order it today for $10.08 on Amazon with free shipping (where it’s listed as a “graphic novel,” although where is the line between a graphic novel and a book with many, many pictures and conversations?) Singh, an LCSNA member and an editor of the Knight Letter, has been blogging about the creative process of this book for years with tons of sneak-peaks of the art at justtheplaceforasnark.

From Melville House’s blog MobyLives:

In 1879, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson–a.k.a. Lewis Carroll–published the classic “nonsense” poem, The Hunting of the Snark. Though often outshined by Carroll’s prose works like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Snark is beloved by Carroll fans and has been adapted in numerous iterations since it was originally published.

In November, Melville House is publishing the latest iteration, a lovely new graphic novel edition of The Hunting of the Snark, illustrated by the artist Mahendra Singh. (Singh has been blogging about the process of adapting this famous work over at justtheplaceforasnark–I encourage anyone who considers themselves aficionados of Carroll or graphic novels to check it out. His commentary about the process is incredibly fun and often brilliant.)

When you’re publishing something that’s already so well known, there’s no shortage of adaptations and interpretations out there. Each tends to say something not just about the original work, but about the time and place it was adapted. Yesterday I found this wonderful audio clip of Boris Karloff doing a reading of Snark. It’s lovely to hear Karloff’s eloquent rendering, to let it take you back to his time as he ruminates on Carroll’s playful language, and get wrapped up in all the “nonsense”…


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  1. NYC area Snark-o-philes also need to know that Mahendra will be signing copies of his gorgeous new “Snark” edition THIS SATURDAY, November 6th, as part of the Lewis Carroll Society’s fall meeting in Manhattan. All books sold at the meeting will be 20% off list price, too! Location and full details can be found on our site’s Events page:

    Mahendra lives in Canada, so this is a rare opportunity for U.S.-based fans to obtain his autograph on this beautiful new book. It makes a perfect holiday gift for the armchair philosopher or humorist in your home.

    We also have UK-based author Jenny Woolf coming across the pond to sign copies of her new Lewis Carroll biography. Clear your calendar and join us on Saturday, November 6th for a frabjous book event!

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