The Hunting of the Snark to be in the Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Fall Fest

Frontispiece to Fit the Second, from Mahendra Singh’s illustrations

There’s a casting call up right now at for The Hunting of the Snark, a stage adaptation for the Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Fall Fest. The full listing gives a good feel for what the play might be like, so I’ll quote it at length:

Job Details
Title The Hunting of the Snark
Category Performer
Frontispiece to Fit the Second, from Mahendra Singh's illustrations

“The Hunting of the Snark” is a theatrical adaptation of Lewis Carroll’s poem of the same name. This production is a part of Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s Fall Fest. This is a wonderful whirlwind opportunity to collaborate with several emerging artists at a theater in mid-town!

Rehearsals begin August 16th. Performances are September 16, 17, and 19. Times TBA.

Looking for 12 actors of either gender and any ethnicity from ages 25-30. A plus if you play any unique instruments, can perform simple magic tricks, are great with sound effects, or have experience with simple dance/movement.
The Bellman – Crazy for hunting the Snark
Bonnets – A shy, clingy individual
Barrister – Victim to Snark hallucination
Broker – Fast-paced individual
Butcher – Acts like a dunce, but it is revealed he knows everything about natural history
Beaver – The Bellman’s sidekick. Knows what’s what before everyone else
Baker – The person behind the proper method of hunting the Snark
Banker – Brought on board at enormous expense
Billiards-Maker – Sly, only wants to have fun, but quickly discovers how dangerous this is. **Simple magic tricks are a plus**
Snark – Thinks that it’s in control of the show
Creatures (3) – One of the creatures on the island. They set the mood and scene for much that happens on the island. **Seeking movers/dancers, individuals who can play unique instruments, and vocalists**

Adapted by Katie Dickinson
Directed by Nathan Gregorski
Choreographed by Shannon McPhee

Thanks Mahendra Singh for the tip, and he adds: “maybe this will be our long-awaited Summer of Snark … have you gone down to Snark Island with some Boojums in your hair, etc etc.” There are also movies and new editions in the works. (Singh’s beautiful new illustrations for the Snark are being published by Melville House this November – pre-order it on Amazon here, and see examples on his blog here!)


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  1. This is my show! Thank you for posting 🙂 It goes up September 15&16 @ 7pm, and 19th @ 6pm. It is in the Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s 2010 Fall Fest at 303 W. 42nd St. (across the way from Port Authority). Do come for some Lewis Carroll zaniness and get your tickets at
    This show is also part of an on-going project (as in this is just a small scale production). Visit for more about it, and we’re on Twitter:

    Would love to see everyone come out!

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