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Outland in Scotland with Sylvie and Bruno

Belt Up's Outland

How often do you hear the phrase “inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie and Bruno”? If your answer is “not enough,” check out the reviews for Outland, a new play currently being performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. UK national newspaper the Guardian described it as “a flight of fancy into parallel universes exploring the… [read full post]


Carroll’s Illustration for The Mad Gardener’s Song posted on The Huffington Post

Carolyn Vega, manuscripts cataloger for the Morgan Library & Museum, posted a nice picture included in a letter from Lewis Carroll to illustrator Harry Furniss, on The Huffington Post last week, Lewis Carroll Turns an Albatross Into a Postage Stamp. “The Mad Gardener’s Song” ——————- He thought he saw an Albatross That fluttered round the lamp: He… [read full post]


Movie Anti-Hype: The Onion’s A.V. Club is dreading another Alice movie

In regards to what we wrote below, that many writers have taken on the theme of “all those awful Alice movies” in anticipation of the imminent Tim Burton 3D one (in seven days!), The Onion’s A.V. Club lists Lewis Carroll’s Alice books in a series on movies that have been adapted to death. Allow me… [read full post]


Силви и Бруно: Sylvie & Bruno now in Bulgarian!

I believe this is the first time Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie & Bruno has appeared in Bulgarian, in a new translation by Rosa Grigorova. Here’s the blurb from Очарователната приказка – последното голямо произведение на Луис Карол, е триумф на човешкото въображение, каквото само човек с неговата рядка чувствителност може да създаде.За „Силви и Бруно”… [read full post]