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“Alice — In Wales?” – Sir William Blake Richmond painting blogged by C.M. Rubin

Author C.M. Rubin (The Real Alice in Wonderland) has a new blog post at The Huffington Post about Sir William Blake Richmond’s 1864 painting of the Liddell sisters, now on display at the Tate Liverpool’s Alice in Wonderland exhibit (which closes January 29th – hurry!) In the summer of 1864, Alice Liddell (Lewis Carroll’s inspiration… [read full post]


Alicegate? Scandal involving “lavish” White House Alice in Wonderland Party

Mad Tea Parties and politics are in the news again, but this time thrown by the Democrats. President Obama’s 2009 Alice in Wonderland-themed “star-studded” Halloween party is central stage in a mini-scandal, coming to light because of details in a new book called “The Obamas” by Jodi Kantor of the New York Times. Rush Limbaugh… [read full post]


Carroll’s Illustration for The Mad Gardener’s Song posted on The Huffington Post

Carolyn Vega, manuscripts cataloger for the Morgan Library & Museum, posted a nice picture included in a letter from Lewis Carroll to illustrator Harry Furniss, on The Huffington Post last week, Lewis Carroll Turns an Albatross Into a Postage Stamp. “The Mad Gardener’s Song” ——————- He thought he saw an Albatross That fluttered round the lamp: He… [read full post]