Waring the World Am I?

OK, it was broadcast almost 70 years ago, but just came to our attention. The Fred Waring Show (yes, he of the Blendor [sic] and the Pennsylvanians) ran on CBS from 1948 to 1954. Half of his hour-long show of March 18, 1951 was devoted to previewing Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, which would be released six months later. (Although Fred makes a big deal about it being the first time Disney’s Alice was presented on television, he was mistaken: Disney’s One Hour in Wonderland had been shown the previous December 25 on NBC.)

Walt was present through a prerecorded intro, but Kathy Beaumont and Sterling Holloway were live. Walt talks a bit about the production, but the lion’s share of the show was taken up by live re-creations of the musical scenes from the upcoming film.

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