Golden Age Illustrators

Time to give a shout-out to the Pook Press of Alcester, Warwickshire, UK, which is producing an inexpensive series of facsimile editions, “celebrat[ing] the great ‘Golden Age of Illustration’ in children’s literature – a period of unparalleled excellence in book illustration from the 1880s to the 1930s,” the original editions of which would be prohibitively expensive. Illustrators included in their Wonderland editions are: Frank Adams, Honor C. Appleton, Ada Bowley, Gwynedd M. Hudson, A. E. Jackson, Dudley Jarrett, Gertrude A. Kay, M. L. Kirk, Thomas Maybank, Blanche McManus, Charles Pears and T. H. Robinson, Willy Pogany, Arthur Rackham, Charles Robinson, Harry Rountree, Georg Soper, Millicent Sowerby, Margaret Tarrant, John Tenniel, and Milo Winter.

They also have a mash-up that showcases many of the above called The Illustrated Alice in Wonderland: The Golden Age of Illustration Series; Songs From Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass, illustrated by Charles Folkard; and Alice in Wonderland: A Play by Emily Prime Delafield, illustrated by Betram Goodhue.

The books are POD (print-on-demand) and are available in hard- and softcover and Kindle.