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“Pamphlets Vol. 5: Games, Puzzles, and Related Pieces” Released!

We are very proud to announce volume five in our projected six-part series The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, whose goal has been to publish all of Carroll’s many pamphlets in uniform book editions by topic. Edited by Christopher Morgan, this volume gathers together and annotates all editions of Carroll’s game and puzzle pamphlets for the first… [read full post]


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “Mad Hatter’s Mashup Party”

Something really cool is happening this month in honor of Alice 150 – a giant social, open source, public domain, digital publishing event all centered around Alice.  Sponsored by and hosted on Medium, a social writing platform created by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams. This event invites anyone to publish their own digital version of Alice using… [read full post]


Wall Street Journal article of June 12: For the anniversary of ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ translations into Pashto, Esperanto, emoji and Blissymbols

This post contains excerpts from the WSJ article, which emphasizes Alice translations, including a preview of the ground-breaking three volume set, Alice in a World of Wonderlands. See full article “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” Lewis Carroll’s 1865 classic about a pert girl in a pinafore who falls down a rabbit hole into a magical and… [read full post]