“Pamphlets Vol. 5: Games, Puzzles, and Related Pieces” Released!

We are very proud to announce volume five in our projected six-part series The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, whose goal has been to publish all of Carroll’s many pamphlets in uniform book editions by topic. Edited by Christopher Morgan, this volume gathers together and annotates all editions of Carroll’s game and puzzle pamphlets for the first time, and features the first publication in book form of Carroll’s little-known magazine columns devoted to his word games Doublets and Syzygies, which appeared in the British magazines Vanity Fair and The Lady and contain many fresh examples of Carroll’s wit. Also included are many previously unpublished letters from Carroll to friends and colleagues dealing with his puzzles and games.

Besides Doublets and Syzygies, the book also features Carroll’s board game Lanrick, Circular Billiards, Castle Croquet, a previously unknown Carroll puzzle called “String Wrapped Round a Cube,” Backgammon variations, Mirror Writing, Arithmetical Croquet, a Number Guessing Puzzle, and many others. There are also chapters on the legacy of Carroll’s puzzles, magic tricks he liked to perform, and modern-day puzzles inspired by his inventions.

Order from the University of Virginia Press here.


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    1. Unfortunately, no Society discount, part of our distribution agreement with UVP. You can get Volume 4 (The Logic Pamphlets), edited by Fran Abeles, from UVP or the Evil Empire (Amazon), but there is no difference in price.

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