New Boy George Album Includes a Wonderland-Inspired Track

Pop singer and pop culture icon Boy George (formerly of Culture Club) credits a passage from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland as the inspiration for the song “Any Road” from his new album, This is What I Do.  There is alas no video yet for this track, but apparently George uses a Wonderland theme to address the various paths one can choose in life, and his own choice to step away from the various forms of addiction that have dogged him in the past.

To read more of the article from web site The Quietus, and see promo clips from some of the album’s other tracks, click me.


One thought on “New Boy George Album Includes a Wonderland-Inspired Track

  1. The chorus is made out of the phrase “If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there,” which is often misattributed to Carroll. Although close to a paraphrase of the beginning of her conversation with the Cheshire Cat, this is NOT a quote from Carroll.
    – Mark

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