Nonsensical Advice From An Old Alice Cookbook

If you’re into all things Alice, and cooking as well, you might enjoy reading this write-up about an out-of-print but amusing Alice-themed cookbook.

In addition to eccentric recipes, the book is liberally “peppered” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) with quotes from two of Lewis Carroll’s works: Feeding the Mind, and Hints for Etiquette, or Dining Out Made Easy.  Here’s a sample of the seasoned and sage (sorry, this is just too easy) advice:

“To use a fork with your soup, intimating at the same time to your hostess that you are reserving the spoon for beefsteaks, is a practice wholly exploded.”


One thought on “Nonsensical Advice From An Old Alice Cookbook

  1. John Fisher was the author of “The Magic of Lewis Carroll” (Simon and Schuster and Bramhall House, both 1973). This “Cookbook” also has both a British publisher in Frederick Muller (1975) and an American in Clarkson Potter (1976).

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