Nonsensical Advice From An Old Alice Cookbook

alicecookbookIf you’re into all things Alice, and cooking as well, you might enjoy reading this write-up about an out-of-print but amusing Alice-themed cookbook.

In addition to eccentric recipes, the book is liberally “peppered” (sorry, I couldn’t resist) with quotes from two of Lewis Carroll’s works: Feeding the Mind, and Hints for Etiquette, or Dining Out Made Easy. ¬†Here’s a sample of the seasoned and sage (sorry, this is just too easy) advice:

“To use a fork with your soup, intimating at the same time to your hostess that you are reserving the spoon for¬†beefsteaks, is a practice wholly exploded.”


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  • Mark Burstein

    John Fisher was the author of “The Magic of Lewis Carroll” (Simon and Schuster and Bramhall House, both 1973). This “Cookbook” also has both a British publisher in Frederick Muller (1975) and an American in Clarkson Potter (1976).