Sean Hennessey ‘Reimagining Wonderland’ in glass and concrete

Sean Hennessey, “Humpty Dumpty is a Rabbit Hole” (2012)
Sean Hennessey, “Humpty Dumpty is a Rabbit Hole” (2012)

An exhibition of work by mixed-media artist Sean Hennessey opens today in Washington, DC.

“Reimagining Wonderland’ interprets scenes from the Alice books as wall relief compositions using a rich combination of glass, concrete, steel, wood, paint, sound, video, LED’s and electroluminescent lights. In a nice long interview with the Huffinton Post Hennessey describes his inspiration and working methods and makes particular reference to the relief pictured on the right:

“For this series I took a page from my sketchbook for every chapter. It started with words, key elements, icons. For a series I make the frame sizes the same. I like consistency for a theme.

I wanted to do a version of “Humpty Dumpty,” I knew I wanted a concrete egg, I knew I wanted it broken, it took me a really long time to figure out what to put inside of it. Other things came out exactly how I thought they would. It’s a process until you hang it.”

The show will open with an artist’s reception tonight, from 5-8pm, at the 410 GooDBuddY gallery, 410 Florida Avenue NW, Washington, DC. The gallery does not appear to have a website but you can visit this Facebook event page for more details of the reception.