New L.A.-themed Retelling of Alice Serialized Online

A page from MirrorLAnd: A Fiction Project by Jenka Gurfinkel,

Coming up from the “performance art subculture burgeoning in Downtown LA,” Jenka Gurfinkel is releasing a new Alice-inspired “fiction project” (formerly known as a ‘novel’) in serialized installments online, at The first two chapters of “MirrorLAnd” have been posted, with aspirations of one day becoming a full graphic novel – which I believe involves collaborating with other underground artists to further illustrate it:

The story is a new form of interactive storytelling, incorporating real art and artists in such a way that the reader will be able to viscerally experience Alice’s adventures, taking them along with her down a rabbit hole of L.A. fashion, music, and culture. Featured artists for Chapters 1 and 2 are apocalyptic couture house, SkinGraft Designs; vaudeville revivalist music act, Beats Antique; electronic producer Eskmo, and Sheila B. Jewelry.

Indeed, what is the use of a fiction project without pictures or visceral experiences? The website also mentions a “White Rabbit Remix Contest.” Warning, this is not for young readers; there’s plenty of obscenity and adult situations from the opening scene.