Feliz aniversário para a Sociedade Lewis Carroll do Brasil

The Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil is having their First Anniversary meeting today at No Centro Cultural Brasile iro Britânico (Rua Ferreira de Araújo, 741 – Pinheiros, São Paulo). Here’s the description from their blog (fed thru Google Translate):

Is coming the day of our big event desaniversário! The Lewis Carroll Society of Brazil, with support from the Cultural Inglesa promote an evening attractions alicinógenas. Lectures, readings, videos, music, poetry, illustration. Come for tea snack nuts and mushrooms colorful drink sip months of fun.

The writer Wilson Bueno come from Curitiba to create connections between the hilarious nonsense of Lewis Carroll and the riddles of the deep interior. A designer and artist Adriana Peliano will comment on the story of the illustrations of Alice, from Victorian England to contemporary art. The group Frame Circus will live a soundtrack for the 1903 silent film of Alice in Wonderland, the first ever conducted on the subject. The literature teacher Theresa Vasquez will read translations of Jabberwocky accompanied by music and images. These and other attractions invite the lovers of Alice for an unforgettable evening!

Follow the white rabbit, but do not be late and immerse us in this adventure!

Adriana Peliano upkeeps several colorful Carroll blogs for the Sociedade: alicenations.blogspot.com for the general public, brasillewiscarroll.blogspot.org for deeper research, and umdialice.blogspot.com to make an even three. On the latter, Senhora Peliano just added this video “traveling in the imagination of Alice” (not for epileptics or vertiginous cunicuphobiacs.)


3 thoughts on “Feliz aniversário para a Sociedade Lewis Carroll do Brasil

  1. I have just illustrated a book related to Lewis Carroll in the victorian age. The images were created with collages mixing Tenniel’s illustrations, surrealist pictures and other images from art history, like pictures from Marcel Duchamp and Hieronymus Bosch.

    see some images:


    if you post something related, please write me.

    Related to the title of this post, “feliz aniversário” means happy birthday, and “feliz desaniversário” means happy unbirthday.

    best wishes


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