Alice Eats Wonderland: A Cookbook

Alice Eats Wonderland, “An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook Adventure,” is available now. Authored by by LCSNA members August A. Imholtz, Jr. and Alison Tannenbaum – aka Baumholtz (we like portmanteau names) – the cookbook follows the twelve chapter format of AAIW, but this time Alice gets a bit more to eat than cake and biscuits.

Menu items include Stuffed Dormouse, Jugged Hare and Iguana Tamales, but fear not for your favorite animal characters! (or at least, fear less!), the publisher, Applewood Books, reassures us: “Although many of the characters seem, alas, to be transformed into edible dishes during the adventure, the story has a surprisingly happy ending.”

We hear that Alice Eats Wonderland combines excerpts from the original text, scholarly notes and original illustrations with recipes to challenge, intrigue, and possibly upset, the most adventurous gastronome. Has anyone had a chance to sample the book? Has anyone jugged a hare? Please post your reviews and experiences in the comments below!

Alice Eats Wonderland is available at $14.95 per copy, plus shipping, from Applewood Books, 1 River Road, Carlisle, MA, 01741. Phone: 781-271-0055; e-mail: