Lewis Carroll Society Meeting with Jasper Fforde

Author Jasper Fforde, best known for his novel The Eyre Affair, and other adventures of the courageous literary detective Thursday Next, will be speaking to the Lewis Carroll Society in London on January 29th. Here is the full announcement:

The Lewis Carroll Society is delighted to announce that best-selling contemporary author Jasper Fforde has agreed to give us a talk on the influence that Lewis Carroll has had on his work.

Jasper’s best known series of highly literate comic novels is set in a parallel world where people can move into and out of books and thus change the events in them. The main function of the heroine of this series is to prevent nefarious alterations being made to classic plots by the villains of the piece, and in this she is aided or obstructed by a variety of fictional characters including several from Carroll’s works (such as the renamed Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat, for example!). These novels abound with jokes and puns and wordplay and literary pastiches – remind you of any celebrated nineteenth century Oxford don at all?

This is expected to be a popular meeting so it is essential that anyone attending books in advance. Please send an email to Shirley Jacobs to confirm availability of places, etc.

Doors open 19:00, talk starts at 19:30.

Visit the Lewis Carroll Society Events webpage for booking information.