Alice at 8,700 feet

With all the coverage of the forthcoming Tim Burton movie and Syfy channel series, Alice does seem to be getting about at bit lately. However, there must be someone out there left to be surprised at finding her 8,700 feet up a mountain in the French Alps.

The ski resort of Courchevel, favored winter playground of Russian oligarchs, Saudi Arabian princes and well to-do British families, is known for extravagance. Their decision to hold a season-long exhibition of Dali sculptures, including his “Alice in Wonderland”, up and down the mountain sides is, therefore, business as usual in that surreal and expensive winter fairyland.

The video below shows the thirteen foot-tall statues of “Alice” and “Woman in Flames” being manoeuvred into place. I particularly like the part where Alice is flying between the mountains, suspended on a long cable beneath the helicopter.