Lou Bunin’s 1949 animated Alice in Wonderland showing in L.A. on Saturday

Cinefamily, a “movie lover” organization in L.A., will be showing Lou Bunin’s Alice in Wonderland at the Silent Movie Theatre, 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036. Two shows on Saturday, November 28th, at 5:00 & 7:30pm, for $12. Here’s the description & musical clip from their listing:

Alice In Wonderland (1949)
This ambitious, highly faithful late-’40s Alice adaptation took years to complete, and features an abundance of impressive, meticulous and labor-intensive stop-motion work from pioneer puppeteer Lou Bunin. After a live-action prologue showing the historical inspirations for the major characters, Alice (a decidedly adult Carol Marsh) is quickly launched into surreal realms of design and color. Remarkably, the film stays true to the original novel’s anarchic construction, and the inspiration of Victorian illustrator John Tenniel’s Alice imaginings. Bunin’s handiwork is at its peak during the musical numbers, which dunk you head-first into the film’s opium-riddled dreamworld–and in addition, live-action director Dallas Bower comes up with clever, simple solutions to the FX limitations of the day. Originally suppressed by Disney for fear of its potential upstaging of their own animated Alice, Bunin’s work comes to you here at the Cinefamily in a rare screening of a beautiful MOMA-restored 35mm print!
Dirs. Dallas Bower & Lou Bunin, 1949, 35mm, 76 min.