A Little Light Marine Biology Reading for you Cheshire Cat Fans…

So did you know that biologists use characters from Carroll to describe biological phenomena?  I didn’t.  The Red Queen has been in use for some time, but now the Cheshire Cat has his turn, describing a phenomenon whereby a particular species of marine life ‘escapes’ from a hazardous environment – in this case one with a virus.  If you understand it all, please enlighten me 😉  From the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

…These “Cheshire Cat” ecological dynamics release host evolution from pathogen pressure and thus can be seen as an opposite force to a classic “Red Queen” coevolutionary arms race. In E. huxleyi, this phenomenon can account for the fact that the selective balance is tilted toward the boom-and-bust scenario of optimization of both growth rates of calcifying E. huxleyi cells and infectivity of EhVs

Communicated by Paul G. Falkowski, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ, August 6, 2008 (received for review June 9, 2008)


“Pamphlets Vol. 5: Games, Puzzles, and Related Pieces” Released!

We are very proud to announce volume five in our projected six-part series The Pamphlets of Lewis Carroll, whose goal has been to publish all of Carroll’s many pamphlets in uniform book editions by topic. Edited by Christopher Morgan, this volume gathers together and annotates all editions of Carroll’s game and puzzle pamphlets for the first time, and features the first publication in book form of Carroll’s little-known magazine columns devoted to his word games Doublets and Syzygies, which appeared in the British magazines Vanity Fair and The Lady and contain many fresh examples of Carroll’s wit. Also included are many previously unpublished letters from Carroll to friends and colleagues dealing with his puzzles and games.

Besides Doublets and Syzygies, the book also features Carroll’s board game Lanrick, Circular Billiards, Castle Croquet, a previously unknown Carroll puzzle called “String Wrapped Round a Cube,” Backgammon variations, Mirror Writing, Arithmetical Croquet, a Number Guessing Puzzle, and many others. There are also chapters on the legacy of Carroll’s puzzles, magic tricks he liked to perform, and modern-day puzzles inspired by his inventions.

Order from the University of Virginia Press here.

Gorgeous New Wonderland from Inky Parrot/Artists’ Choice

An extraordinarily handsome edition of Wonderland has been published by Inky Parrot/Artists’ Choice Editions in the UK. Each chapter is illustrated by a different artist, and a talented and worldwide group they are (Java, UK, Italy, Japan, Greece, US, Germany, Belgium). The edition is 340 Standard Copies, and 56 Special Copies with signed prints in a solander box. Afterword by LCS(UK) president Brian Sibley. Click here.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland “Mad Hatter’s Mashup Party”

mad hatter mashupSomething really cool is happening this month in honor of Alice 150 – a giant social, open source, public domain, digital publishing event all centered around Alice.  Sponsored by and hosted on Medium, a social writing platform created by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams.

This event invites anyone to publish their own digital version of Alice using public domain art or their own.  A dozen noted Carrollians – including our fearless leader Stephanie Lovett – will each annotate a chapter of Alice.  In addition, artists are also being commissioned to create new illustrations – more to follow.  For details on this and how to be a part of it, check out the event page and join the fun!  Medium have done some of the legwork already:

To help people get started, we are hosting the original text, formatted for Medium, which participants are free to copy and use to build their own digital editions. We have also gathered many public domain art works inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, including the original illustrations accompanying the first edition by Sir John Tenniel, illustrations from Arthur Rackham, two silent black and white movie adaptations and other inspirations, which participants are free to use in addition to their own art.

Wall Street Journal Article on Alice 150 and Translations

Everyone is definitely jumping on the bandwagon for Alice’s 150th, including the Wall Street Journal.  Today’s issue features an article featuring discussion on all the various translations – including the upcoming work by Carrollian Jon Lindseth.  Check it out!

Interesting Article on Turing and Carroll

A Harvard professor has posted an interesting blog article about Alan Turing’s interactions with Carroll’s writings – both Wonderland and Logic.  Check it out here.

Alice Panel at DC’s Awesome-Con

Carrollians Ellie Schaefer-Salins, Matt Crandall, and Wendy Lane Crandall will be on a panel at this weekend’s DC comic book convention, Awesome-Con.  The panel is Friday, May 29th (that’s today) at 6PM.  From the convention schedule:

Why is a Raven like an IPad? The 150-Year Transmedia Evolution of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.  Friday, 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM, room 145 B.  2015 is the 150th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Alice has gone down the rabbit hole in films, TV shows, comic books, and even video games. This panel examines the impact of Alice on media, art, and modern culture.

This panel is presented by the Lean & Hungry Theater Company, who will be presenting their own adaptation of Alice on June 14th.  Details will be available at the panel, and at their website.

Alice150 Is Here!!!

Yes, our Alice150 site is LIVE! Everything you need to know about the SequicenTenniel (150th anniversary) celebrations! Conferences, performances, and exhibitions are taking place all over the globe throughout this year, but the key one will be in New York City in October, the last three days of which (Oct. 9-11) coincide with our fall meeting. Check out the amazing programs, and note that even though admission to the LCSNA meetings are free and open to the public, this time REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED due to what we hope will be a major turnout. Do it today!

For those interested in translation, be sure to see the Translation Conference (Oct. 7-8), for which there is a nominal charge. Agenda is here; register on the Alice150 page (Day 1 and 2).

Teefury Shirts

Although the “one day only” shirts posted on April 27 are no longer available, you can shop Alice designs at Teefury by typing “Wonderland” in the search box.

Diana Levin Art

At the Big WOW! ComicFest in San Jose yesterday I (Mark B) met Diana Levin, an L. A. artist whose take on Alice is what she calls “Creepy Cute.” You can find her prints, pendants, pocketwatches, and the like here.