Looking-Glass Exhibition in Brazil: Esplêndido!

Assemblage: Adriana Peliano
Assemblage: Adriana Peliano
Photo: Alexandre Guzanshe

This month (July 5-29), the Biblioteca Pública Estadual de Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte is presenting a splendid exhibition, the ninth such celebrating Carrollsday (July 4, of course). Brazil’s Carrollsday was created in 2010 by Beatriz (“Bia”) Mom, who is also the curator of this exhibition. This year’s iteration, which is in partnership with Adriana Peliano and the Sociedade Lewis Carroll do Brasil, celebrates Looking-Glass150.

The exhibit contains collages, assemblages, and installations. Adriana selected the books on display and designed an enormous double-chessboard whose white squares each show a different artist’s interpretation of the moment where Alice goes through the looking-glass. In all, there are 100 images from 70 illustrators from all over the globe.

If you can’t get to Belo Horizonte (it’s 280 miles due north of Rio de Janeiro) this month, there are a number of photographs you can look at on Facebook (which has close to 40); Instagram (@carrollsday); and the above link to the LCSBrazil has some as well.