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Kalinovky Illustrations in Fine Press Reprints

Gennady Kalinovsky (1929–2006) was one of Russia’s most famous illustrators, with an oeuvre of ninety books. However, his great obsession was with Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books, even though it was politically impossible to publish them until he was sixty. The fine folks at Artist’s Choice Editions have now produced lovely editions of both books. Alice in Wonderland combines Kalinovsky’s b/w edition of 1979 with his colored edition of 1988 [168 pp, casebound continental style, 140 numbered copies, £76.00]. Through the Looking-Glass reprints his surreal b/w edition of 1992 [168 pp, casebound continental style, 120 numbered copies, £76.00]. Also a Special Edition gives you both books, both quarter- leather bound, continental style, and includes a numbered giclée print from each of the three editions, contained in a folder decorated with a printed rebus by Kalinovsky, all in a solander box with a specially printed cover. There are 46 numbered Special Editions available, £385.00. Click here.


Alice-inspired Anime and Fashion Films

In Adventures in Beauty Wonderland, Japanese pop surrealist Keiichi Tanaami crafts a 4:39-long psychedelic anime
“inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, unveiling an underworld of kaleidoscopic cosmetics.”

You can also “Enter wonDiorland with new Dior Addict fragrance fashion film starring Russian model Sasha Luss.” The new perfume is promoted as “a journey into fantasy world, an initiation to sensations and utter freedom. Filmmaker Harmony Korine and photographer Ryan McGinley have portrayed an Alice in Perfumeland – a free & sexy heroine with adventurous nature.” In fact, she enters “WonDiorLand” through a looking-glass, but that’s a minor quibble.


Švankmajer’s Alice Books Are Now in English!!

Jan Švankmajer
‘s film Alice (originally Něco z Alenky) is well known to us all, but did you know his surreal collages served to illustrate books of both Wonderland and Looking-glass? Perhaps not, as it was only published in Japanese. But now an English-language edition has been released, and on that site you can not only purchase the book (signed by Jan!), but many others things, such as etchings, posters, books, and his films on DVD.

Eva Švankmajerová, a surrealist painter, ceramicist, and writer worked with her husband on several of his movies, including her art-directing Něco z Alenky and making three lovely posters for it, one for each of its releases: Czech, German, and English.

Please note “that it is necessary to pay separately for each item. Posters are sent in a tube, books in envelopes (it is possible to add one – 2 DVD, but no more), exclusive collection in a cardboard box. Furthermore, be sure to pay for non-European postage if you are not in an EU country (or the UK).”

Click here.


Bridgette Mongeon’s Sculpture in Houston Is Up!

Bridgette Mongeon’s monumental tea-party sculpture, Move One Place On, is now fully installed in Evelyn’s Park in Bellaire, Texas, a suburb of Houston. She talked about it at our Spring 2015 meeting in Austin (KL 94:6), and now it’s open to the public. Within it are 150 hidden Carroll figures! Read all about it here.


Welcome Back, Lewis Carroll Genootschap!

A hearty welcome back to the Lewis Carroll Genootschap of the Netherlands, a sister society. After a flurry of meetings and publications from 1976 to 1983, it softly and suddenly vanished away, only to reemerge in 2017. They have a fine website and several publications: dodo/nododo, a journal with several articles in English as well as Dutch; and Jabberwocky, which concentrates on translations of the poem into Dutch. You can order them from their online shopWauwelwok, their magazine from their earlier incarnation, is also available, but only as .pdf downloads. Welkom terug, vrienden!


Uncollected Poems Members Premium

Callooh! Callay! Rare, Uncollected, Unpublished, & Nonexistent Verse of Lewis Carroll, edited by Edward Wakeling and August A. Imholtz, Jr., is on its way to all members as a free premium! For others, the only way to get a copy is to become a member. (This is due to an agreement with the C. L. Dodgson Estate, in which the book may not be sold.) But that’s a truly fine bonus!


Loving/Leaving Books: Disposition of Collections

Alan Tannenbaum alerts us to a recent seminar at New York’s Grolier Club regarding the disposition of private book collections that might be of interest to some of our bibliophilic members. Three videos totaling 5 1/2 hours are available here.


Philadelphia Exhibit of Charles Santore Art

The first retrospective of the art of Charles Santore is taking place 02/17/2018 through 05/13/2018 at Philadelphia’s Woodmere Museum. It will highlight his award-winning work, including illustrations for Alice’s Adventures Under Ground (Cider Mill, 2015) and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Cider Mill, 2017).


Christ Church Holdings Now Online

“Christ Church holds three distinct collections of material relating to Lewis Carroll, aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. These collections include a wide variety of material, from autograph letters and a wealth of manuscripts, original photographic prints, proof sheets and presentation copies, to a large number of editions of the Alice books in different languages. … The collections also include an impressive array of secondary material (biographies, books about various aspects of Carroll’s work, etc.) and are available for the use of researchers upon application to the Library.
“The whole corpus of the Lewis Carroll collection is currently the object of intense study and scrutiny, being reviewed and catalogued. This is a work in progress. A significant part of the Lewis Carroll collection has now been digitized. More will follow in due course. This project aims to provide an enhanced experience for viewers, allowing them to flip the pages, zoom in, and read very detailed descriptions.”
Click here.


Revolving Review

Renowned Spanish cartoonist, illustrator, and professor at the University of Granada Sergio García Sánchez has depicted the entire book of Wonderland in a single circular image, published in the New York Times Book Review here.