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Christ Church Holdings Now Online

“Christ Church holds three distinct collections of material relating to Lewis Carroll, aka Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. These collections include a wide variety of material, from autograph letters and a wealth of manuscripts, original photographic prints, proof sheets and presentation copies, to a large number of editions of the Alice books in different languages. … The collections also include an impressive array of secondary material (biographies, books about various aspects of Carroll’s work, etc.) and are available for the use of researchers upon application to the Library.
“The whole corpus of the Lewis Carroll collection is currently the object of intense study and scrutiny, being reviewed and catalogued. This is a work in progress. A significant part of the Lewis Carroll collection has now been digitized. More will follow in due course. This project aims to provide an enhanced experience for viewers, allowing them to flip the pages, zoom in, and read very detailed descriptions.”
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Revolving Review

Renowned Spanish cartoonist, illustrator, and professor at the University of Granada Sergio García Sánchez has depicted the entire book of Wonderland in a single circular image, published in the New York Times Book Review here.


Two For the Kiddies

Two new (well, one just new to us) books for the six- to ten year-olds in your circle: One Fun Day with Lewis Carroll: A Celebration of Wordplay and a Girl Named Alice, written by Kathleen Krull and illustrated by ‎ Júlia Sardà (HMH Books, ISBN 978-0544348233), and Mrs. White Rabbit, written and illustrated by Gilles Bachelet (Eerdmans Books, ISBN 978-0802854834). Both will be reviewed in the Spring ’18 issue of the Knight Letter.

“I LOVE Mrs. White Rabbit” – Mark B.


UK Symposium on Carroll and MacDonald

A one-day symposium, “Lewis Carroll and George MacDonald: An Influential Friendship,” will take place at the Sussex (UK) Centre for Folklore, Fairy Tales and Fantasy on Saturday, September 1, 2018. Deadline for their Call for Papers is Friday March 30 2018. All details here.


Founding Member David Schaefer Passes January 14, 2018

Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standingThe LCSNA is sad to announce the death of founding member, past president, and friend to all, David Schaefer, on January 14, the 120th anniversary of Lewis Carroll’s death. A second-generation collector, he made enormous contributions to our knowledge of Alice on film, but he was delighted by and knowledgeable about Carrollian publications and artifacts of every kind. He graciously hosted the Society many times over the years at his home in Silver Spring, which was also the mailing address of the Society for so long. The photo below is of David surrounded by some of the merry crew of the Maxine Schaefer Reading, just three months ago in Delaware. The Reading, in honor of his first wife, founding member and longtime secretary Maxine, is just one of the many ways that David has shaped the LCSNA and Carroll studies (he would want us to mention the tail rhyme in “Fury said to a mouse,” and of course, bathing machines!). We are all bereaved, but we extend our deepest condolences to his daughter Ellie Schaefer-Salins, son-in-law Ken Salins, and their family.


Crafty Alice

Renowned origamist Pasquale D’Auria’s take on Alice in Wonderland, using illustrations by Lá Studio and an adapted text by Alberto Bertolazzi has been published by Dover (ISBN: 978-0486820965). Pat Olski’s crochet patterns for Alice in Wonderland make another Dover book (ISBN: 978-0486807348).


Preview of Maggie Taylor’s Looking-Glass

Digital photomontagist Maggie Taylor’s Looking-Glass companion to her superb Wonderland, subject of Andrew Sellon’s glowing review in the Knight Letter (KL 81:43), will be available in March of 2018. The online photo-eye Gallery is showing six of her new images for sale, and the Catherine Couturier gallery in Houston has many others and will be hosting an exhibition from April 7- May 12 of her Looking-Glass work. One hundred limited editions will be printed, each including an 8 x 8 print of the cover image (left). To reserve one ($800), email gallery@catherinecouturier.com or call (713) 524-5070. A trade edition will be published by The University Press of Florida.


What card should the Queen of Hearts be in a deck of cards?

This comes via Reddit’s r/crappydesign, the Comic Sans-loving subreddit devoted to horrifying style and engineering choices. User PingPongPresident found that “in the Disney Villains deck of playing cards, the Queen of Hearts is the three of Clubs.” Just, why?

All ways here you see, are the Three of Clubs’ way!


C. L. Dodgson, Mathematician, Posters

The Mathematical Institute of the University of Oxford has produced a set of six posters called “C. L. Dodgson, Oxford Mathematician,” which are available for free download and, presumably, printing. Here is the main outreach site, on which you’ll have to scroll down to “Charles Dodgson,” or simply go here to download the .pdf. They are designed for “AO” paper (33.1 by 46.8 inches; 118.9 x 84.1 cm) at full size, but of course you can print them up at any size you want. The posters were conceived by Robin Wilson, with the assistance of Raymond Flood, Dyrol Lumbard, and Edward Wakeling.

Thanks to Stuart Moskowitz for alerting us to these!


Prestigious Awards to David Elliot’s Snark!

David Elliot’s  lavishly illustrated Snark: Being a true history of the expedition that discovered the Snark and the Jabberwock … and its tragic aftermath, published by Otago University Press, has taken not one, but two of New Zealand’s most prominent Book Awards for Children and Young Adults. Enthusiastically reviewed both on our blog and the Knight Letter (KL 98:43), where it also provided the cover illustration, the book has won both the Margaret Mahy Book of the Year Award  and the Russell Clark Award for Illustration for 2017, announced on Monday evening in Wellington.

Our sincerest congratulations to David, and our highest recommendation to all Carrollians to aquire a copy of this book! (You can get it from the distributors for the same price as on Amazon.)