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Tattoo Thyself (Temporarily) Tomorrow on Indie Bookstore Day!

In 2014, Litographs took the entirety of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and broke it into 5,000 individually designed temporary tattoos. They then asked 5,000 members of their community to lend a hand (or a forearm, or a shoulder blade) to become a part of the World’s Longest Tattoo Chain, and help recreate this iconic novel on the skin of 5,000 readers. (We blogged about it here.)

They have collected nearly 3,000 photographs for their online gallery, and the goal is to complete the chain on Independent Bookstore Day 2016 with the help of hundreds of independent bookstores nationwide. They are offering free temporary tattoos to any participating bookstore, and giving Bookstore Day customers the chance to participate in this awesome project at no cost.

Cheshire Cat Bamboo Socks for Women

Now you can sport attractive Carroll-themed socks and help the environment at the same time.  These socks come in two colors no less.    They have a lot of other styles too, but come on, these are the most important 😉  Get yours at Socksmith.

VitraHaus Goes Wonderland

VitraHaus, the flagship store in Weil am Rhein, Germany, of the high-end (think Eames) Swiss furniture manufacturer Vitra, commissioned architect/designer India Mahdavi to make an exhibit/playroom on their top floor with an Alice in Wonderland theme. Here are some more pictures.

New Teefury Shirt Today!

We love Teefury, and so should you!  Get it now, perfect for all those Alice/anime people we know and love.

Selected Shorts Celebrates Alice

On their April 6th PRI radio broadcast, guest host Cynthia Nixon introduced readings from two chapters of  Wonderland and one from Looking-Glass in a program titled Curiouser and Curiouser. Ari Graynor read “The Pool of Tears;” Sonia Manzano read “The Mock Turtle’s Story;” and Dan Stevens read “Humpty Dumpty.” Click here to experience the hour-long program.

42 Original Adriana Peliano Collages!

Adriana Peliano–artist extraordinaire, founder of the LCSBrazil, and beloved speaker at our conferences–recently emailed “Today is my 42nd un-unbirthday, an arcane Carrollian number. (There are also 42 Tenniel illustrations in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.) So, as a collage alicedelic artist, I decided to open my chest of pictures from many sources I collected throughout my long life and make puzzles over the original illustrations. The intention is not mirror the book, instead, to disconnect through free associations and curiouser coincidences.

“These are different from the ones in the Portuguese-language Alice edition I recently illustrated with digital collages; these ones are made from paper, scissors, and glue, which means: just one of each in this universe!

Take a look at them here. If you find something you like, click on it to see it enlarged and to be sure it’s still available, then email Adriana. US$42 (of course) each, plus postage.

Geppi Museum Exhibit on Disney Alice Opens

As those of you who are coming to our upcoming Spring meeting are aware, our fellow Carrollian’s exhibition of Disney Alice memorabilia is now on exhibit at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in Baltimore.  Animation Scoop magazine just posted an online interview on their blog, check it out!



Excellent Article in WSJ on David Del Tredici’s ‘Child Alice’

As the article says:  “David Del Tredici’s ambitious ‘Child Alice’ reveals a complicated vision.”

More importantly, the performance was recorded, to be released in 2017. What I like about this article is its stance on the establishment’s take on difference – even when that establishment is nontraditional.  The atonal powers-that-be dismissed this out of hand, and we all know that (especially in the world of Carroll) most everything is nontraditional.  There are no boundaries, and every adaptation, homage, new work, or revival should be evaluated not only as a derivative of Carroll, but also on its own merits, regardless of the context or even preceding work of the artist.  Well done, Allan Kozinn.

Annotated Sylvie & Bruno Volume 3

Lewis Carroll’s Sylvie and Bruno and Sylvie and Bruno Concluded “removed from its distracting asides, to be presented initially for specialist scholars, as a simpler and annotated didactic new edition” with notes by Ray Dyer, PhD, was published as two volumes in one, as we announced here (it will be reviewed in the spring issue of the Knight Letter). The third volume, dealing with the frame story, has just been published as Lady Muriel: The Victorian Romance.

Order from Troubador Press here. They have kindly offered a 25% discount to LCSNA members by entering “CARROLL15” in the discount code box.

Down Under (Ground)

A Kickstarter-funded group in the Antipathies (aka Australia aka Down Under aka Oz) has come up with a fine facsimile edition of the Under Ground ms., complete with a pair of white cotton gloves. For just AU$500 (US$375) you can get a hand-bound leather boxed edition; for AU$60 (US$45) a machine-bound bonded leather one. Check it out here. Or see the original online at the British Library site.