Street of Dreams

Beginning with its pre-title slide that proclaims that Dodgson met Alice in 1863 (it was, of course, in 1856), Elina Street’s 16-minute short film Alice and Lewis (Behind the Door Productions, 2018) plays fast and loose with history as she imagines a story of a usually angry, stammering Dodgson giving mathematics tutoring to a young Alice, who occasionally drops a line or two from what will become Wonderland. As per cinematic convention, they start out at odds and end up great friends, with a story he wrote for her (no mention of a boating expedition, and the film takes place in a snowy winter). I can’t say I was enchanted. Available for rent or purchase on Vimeo and Google Play. (In a Carrollian manner, you can buy it on Google for less than it costs to rent it.)