Lit Hub’s Tribute to Alice’s 155th Birthday

20 Artists’ Visions of Alice in Wonderland From the Last 155 Years” by Emily Temple on Grove Atlantic’s online site “Literary Hub” was published on Alice’s 155th birthday. (The fictional Alice, that is, as Wonderland was published in 1865; Mrs. Hargreaves would be observing her 168th.) Since it did celebrate the books’ inspiring “creative work of just about every genre,” I suppose one cannot quarrel with their including a painting by Max Ernst and a screenprint by Peter Blake. Naturally, a list like this will engender any number of opinions, but in this person’s mind, she has done very well with the highlights, but would someone please tell me what Nick Hewetson (Templar, 1995) is doing in place of Willy Pogany, Ralph Steadman, or Helen Oxenbury? De gustibus non est disputandum, I guess.