Phyllis Davidson’s Aspects of Alice Paintings

For the last six years, California artist Phyllis Davidson has been creating a series of oil paintings exploring different “aspects” of Alice. She says:

Aspects of Alice is a series of paintings not illustrating but inspired by and celebrating the stories. While my Alices vary racially and are at different life stages, they retain the resolute spirit of the original, neither meek nor obedient, but adventurous, inquisitive and strong. My rendition of her entourage includes recognizable images of Carroll’s famous characters as well as freshly invented characters for whom new stories must be imagined.

Lewis Carroll envisaged an alternative world with outsize characters and it’s own logic. He encouraged his readers to give free rein to their imagination . . .to follow Alice down that rabbit hole and through the looking glass. And so I did. He created a kaleidoscope of illusions; I simply rotated the cylinder.

Visit her online gallery here.