Kalinovky Illustrations in Fine Press Reprints

Gennady Kalinovsky (1929–2006) was one of Russia’s most famous illustrators, with an oeuvre of ninety books. However, his great obsession was with Lewis Carroll’s two Alice books, even though it was politically impossible to publish them until he was sixty. The fine folks at Artist’s Choice Editions have now produced lovely editions of both books. Alice in Wonderland combines Kalinovsky’s b/w edition of 1979 with his colored edition of 1988 [168 pp, casebound continental style, 140 numbered copies, £76.00]. Through the Looking-Glass reprints his surreal b/w edition of 1992 [168 pp, casebound continental style, 120 numbered copies, £76.00]. Also a Special Edition gives you both books, both quarter- leather bound, continental style, and includes a numbered giclée print from each of the three editions, contained in a folder decorated with a printed rebus by Kalinovsky, all in a solander box with a specially printed cover. There are 46 numbered Special Editions available, £385.00. Click here.