Alice in Punktuation

Nicholas Rougeux's Between the Words - Alice in Wonderland 

Who needs words? Chicago artist Nicholas Rougeux’s Between the Words project is “an exploration of visual rhythm of punctuation in well-known literary works. All letters, numbers, spaces, and line breaks were removed from entire texts of classic stories like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Moby Dick, and Pride and Prejudice—leaving only the punctuation in one continuous line of symbols in the order they appear in texts, [which] was arranged in a spiral, starting at the top center, with markings for each chapter and a classic illustration at the center.”

Alice and the other posters come in various sizes (from 4 x 6 to 40 x 60 inches) and papers, which can be ordered through Zazzle.

It is certainly a unique way of looking at the classic text.