Gorgeous Book on Russian Alice Illustrators

Illustrated Editions of Alice in Wonderland from the USSR and the Post-Soviet Era

Those amazing folks at Artists’ Choice Editions have done it again!

“With the advent of Glasnost, in the late ’80s, there was a resurgence of illustrated editions of Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. We are happy to publish the first English language edition of a survey of the vast array published from Azerbaijan to Vladivostok, most of which have never been seen in the West before.

“The book is 176 pages with 170 b/w and colour illustrations. It includes a Checklist of more than sixty illustrated books. There are two editions, both numbered and bound in a Continental style binding. The Standard of 160 copies is £96.00. The Special Edition of 48 copies includes a folder with four original signed and numbered Aqua-tints by internationally known Ukrainian printmakers, a copy of the book 1/4 bound in leather, all in a solander box. £540.00”

Very highly recommended. Click here!