The 150th Anniversary Deluxe ANNOTATED ALICE!!

Today is the official release date of the long-awaited 150th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of Martin Gardner’s The Annotated Alice, the first update in 15 years. Edited and art-directed by Mark Burstein, it features more than a hundred new or updated annotations, many by Gardner himself (some, but not all, from the Knight Letter). The “deluxe” part refers to this being the first edition in full, glorious color: more than a hundred new illustrations and images have been added (new to the book, not necessarily to the world): Salvador Dalí, Beatrix Potter, Barry  Moser, Ralph Steadman, and Sir Peter Blake among the truly global set of artists. (Yes, the Tenniels have been retained.) Not to mention a color portrait of Carroll’s mother, his handwritten corrections to the Looking-Glass table of contents, Alice Liddell’s carving on the door of a church, the page from The Train with the first published occurrence of the pseudonym “Lewis Carroll,” and the like. Also all of Carroll’s writings on Wonderland (“Easter Greeting” etc.) and all of Gardner’s. The Filmography and Reference sections have been updated, and a new section on Illustrators added.

Put simply, this anniversary edition of The Annotated Alice is the most comprehensive collection of Alice materials ever published in a single volume, and is indispensable to all lovers of Carroll.

“It is a wonderful tribute … and will enter the short list of classic works on ALICE. It would have been a shame not to gather together Martin’s last thoughts, notes, even scribbles, and I for one am delighted. The addition of all the supporting material makes for a superb book of reference as well.” – Morton Cohen


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  1. Got it. It looks awesome! Thank you Mark!

    Question, maybe it’s silly, but, why does the inside flap list Alice last, instead of age order of the three girls?

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