Peanuts in Wonderland

IMG_20141109_0001The Peanuts in Wonderland exhibition opened yesterday at the wonderful Charles M. Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa, California (in Wine Country, a bit north of San Francisco). The gallery welcomes visitors with what seems to be a Victorian parlor, replete with photographs of or by Dodgson (and J. M. Cameron), books, and the like. With many framed examples of original art and glassed-in displays of comic books, toys, and such, the history of the intertwining of Carroll’s characters and the mediums of comic books, comic strips, and animation unfolds, with many examples from Peanuts and other strips. The display is beautifully mounted, with many “Easter eggs” (e.g., a disappearing Snoopy and his grin on a wall, a minuscule Sally Brown falling down a rabbit hole behind a tiny door), not to mention great swag (a Disappearing Cheshire Beagle mug, etc.).

The Museum itself is always worth a visit to fans of Schulz and Peanuts of all ages; this exhibition is a fine excuse for Carrollians. The show is open until April 26, and there’s a panel discussion on March 7, but come anytime!