Alice’s House for Sale for a Cool £1million

I bet if we all pooled our money we could buy this as our official residence and meeting place.  Ah well, I can dream can’t I?  Click me to see some actually quite nice photographs of the the house.  And if any of you Mimsy Minions do in fact buy it, I would love to visit!


One thought on “Alice’s House for Sale for a Cool £1million

  1. They make a big deal on the site about “the mirror that inspired Through the Looking-Glass.” A bit of a stretch, but possible. A competing story from CLD’s cousin Alice (Theodora) Raikes (Wilson Fox) says that it was she who inspired the tale, as when he met her as a child he gave her an orange, had her hold it before a mirror in the house in which he was staying, and asked which hand it was in, etc. This well-known tale was first published in a letter to “The Times,” 15 Jan. 1932, and is reproduced in Cohen’s “Lewis Carroll: Interviews and Recollections.” However, as with the Mary Hilton Badcock canard, the dates don’t work out, as Cohen noted. CLD met Miss Raikes, according to his Diaries, on 24 June, 1871, long after TtL-G was completed and in the printer’s hands.

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