Handcrafted Dodocases for Apple iPads Have Vintage Flair

Looking for a nifty-looking protective case for your new iPad Air?  Or any other iPad, Nexus, Kindle or iPhone, for that matter? Then you might want to check out a company in San Francisco called Dodocase. According to their web site, the company prides itself on using traditional bookbinding techniques, and on manufacturing their cases locally. They have a nice selection of patterns, colors, and features, some with a distinctly Victorian or vintage feel.  If you want something unique, they even offer a Build-A-Dodo feature. Granted, there are lots of less expensive iPad cases out there. But if you’re looking for something handcrafted with a touch of class (and clearly, a Carrollian sensibility–check out the sample monogram!), then it might be worth browsing the Dodocase offerings.

To view their collection, click me.

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