Alice Artworks and Gifts by David Delamare

If you’re not already familiar with the Alice-themed artworks of artist David Delamare, you’re in for a treat.  Do yourself a favor and visit his site sometime when you have a few minutes to explore.  Alice characters are not his only fantasy subjects, but within the Alice realm he has an impressive array of paintings, prints, cards, posters, and more–including porcelain night lights!  His love of mermaids and monkeys (hey, why not, right?) also sometimes filters into the Alice images.  And according to his site, he is working on an illustrated edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which promises to be very elegant and intriguing, indeed!

Be advised that some of the artworks in other areas of the site do include, as he puts it, “tasteful nudity.”  So you may wish to view the site with that disclaimer in mind.  The Alice pages are “G” rated.  Look for the “Alice Gifts” link on the left-side menu, and you can drill down to view the Alice paintings from there.

To visit Mr. Delamare’s site, click me.