Snark in the Park: Theater for children in New Orleans

Skin Horse Theater Presents: "The Hunting of the Snark" by Lewis Carroll

Fresh air and nonsense is available for all at the New Orleans Museum of Art for the next two Saturdays of this month. The Hunting of the Snark, adapted for children by Skin Horse Theater, is being performed in the Sculpture Garden on March 10 and March 17 at 3pm. Admission is free. These daytime performances will each be followed by an evening performance at the Backyard Ballroom, 3519 St. Claude Avenue, at 10 pm, with a $5 admission fee. Will these late night Snarks be equally child-friendly, we wonder? The Backyard Ballroom doesn’t have a website; to find out more about the performances call (504) 473-6819.

Founded at Bard College in 2008, Skin Horse Theater has a bit of history with Lewis Carroll: their inaugural performance was Curiouser: A Historical Inaccuracy, which entwined the lives of Lewis Carroll, Alice Liddell and Sylvia Plath.


5 thoughts on “Snark in the Park: Theater for children in New Orleans

  1. I am the director of this production and I don’t know how you found out about our show but I am so excited! I played Lewis Carroll for two years in our production Curiouser and wrote my senior thesis on the theatricality of this work.
    This show is meant for children of all ages, for more information on the show after dark or in the park go to our facebook page at
    Do you know if there have been other non-musical adaptations of Snark?
    Would you like any photos?
    We will continue the hunt!
    Veronica Hunsinger-Loe

    1. Hi Veronica,

      We have caught wind of a few different Hunting of the Snark adaptations over the past year, but nothing quite like yours!

      the snark inspired…
      the stop motion snark…
      rumors of snark…
      snark on screen…

      I hope the show is going well. We would love to see some pictures.

  2. Veronica, is there any way for other Carroll fans to watch your Curiouser production? Because it sounds very interesting but on your site it says it’s no longer in production.

    1. Hi Carley, You might be able to get in touch with Veronica through Skin Horse Theater’s Facebook page – she provides the link in her comment above.

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