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Alice on the West Bank

Alice in Wonderland at the Freedom Theatre in Jenin

A stage adaptation of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is currently running at The Freedom Theater in the city of Jenin on the Northern West Bank of the Palestinian Territories. The show is being co-directed by Isreali Palestinian actor, director, and activist Juliano Mer-Khamis and by Zoe Lafferty, a 24-year old director from London. Reviews and interviews on… [read full post]


Riddle: What kind of cat can grin?

“A hanging chain forms a Caternary”, image from Wikipedia

Answer: A Caternary The best jokes are the ones you have to look up the answer on Wikipedia to get. I prefer the one that postures “Which would a logician chose: between poutine or eternal bliss?” Poutine: because nothing is better than eternal bliss, and poutine is better than nothing. The caternary joke was in… [read full post]


Temporary mark down of Fishs Eddy Alice-ware

Fishs Eddy, makers of of commercial quality dish and glassware, are currently offering 20% off their Alice in Wonderland line. Cindy Watter, who sent us the tip-off, advises “This is a restaurant style product for heavy use. If you dropped a plate on your foot, you would break your foot before you broke the plate”… [read full post]