Temporary mark down of Fishs Eddy Alice-ware

Fishs Eddy, makers of of commercial quality dish and glassware, are currently offering 20% off their Alice in Wonderland line.

Cindy Watter, who sent us the tip-off, advises “This is a restaurant style product for heavy use. If you dropped a plate on your foot, you would break your foot before you broke the plate” – so, not the preferred flatware for throwing at babies or pigs.  Each dish, glass, mug, and coaster is illustrated with Tenniel drawings. They also make a pretty cool tote bag, now priced at $10.36.


3 thoughts on “Temporary mark down of Fishs Eddy Alice-ware

  1. I’ve been trying to get over to their NYC store to look at them in person; they look nice and heavy duty, and I want a few of the pieces. Cindy may well have some.

  2. They’re being discontinued and are on sale for 50% off the entire set, quite a few of the items are already sold out!

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