The Jabberwock Came Wiffling Straight Out of Lewis Carroll’s Trash Can

The new era of online markets and digital media has of course revolutionized the ability for authors outside of the mainstream publishing industry, or new authors wondering how to break in, to put their work directly into the hands of potential audiences.  A new generation of e-book readers and tablet computers (some with the android operating system to compete with Apple’s iPad) coming out this year and next will be shaking up the publishing industry. This could be seen as good news for many Lewis Carroll-inspired authors!

Here’s two humble books that just came out. Mel Gilden sent us his “middle-grade children’s’ book” The Jabberwock Came Wiffling, which he summarizes thus:

Twas brillig, and Albert finds himself dealing with slithy toves, mome raths, borogoves, and a girl named Alice.  The only way that Albert can get home is by slaying the jabberwock and getting into the cave of a snark, which is, unfortunately, a boojum.  Wonderland was never so much fun or so dangerous.

It looks charming and also has a character named Floyd-Bob. It’s only available right now as an e-book on Amazon Kindle for $3.99.

We also found a new novel on Amazon with the amusing title Straight Out Of Lewis Carroll’s Trash Can: A Jonathan Tollhausler Adventure, probably self-published because “Spielplatz Novelties” doesn’t appear to exist anywhere else. The author, Michael J. Rumpf, is described as “probably a real person who always loved books, and it was after reading some really great writers […] that he was inspired to write a book as well.”