“Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing” (for the E-mail Generation)

Over at the blog Booktryst: A Nest for Book Letters, Stephen J. Gertz has posted most of the text of Carroll’s pamphlet “Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing,” with some commentary about its relevance 120 years later. The original pamphlet “was very popular, going into five editions 1890-1897.” Mr Gertz says:

The Net has been compromised; it’s lights out for email. Time to get out a piece of stationary, a pen, and write an old-fashioned letter. But how? What’s a 21st century citizen to do? Ask Mr. Dodgson!


Finally, do not, under any circumstances, use emoticons or texting shorthand to express yourself. Mr. Dodgson would disapprove – in around 800 – 900 words, minimun.


5 thoughts on ““Eight or Nine Wise Words About Letter Writing” (for the E-mail Generation)

    1. Lewis Carroll met Mabel Burton on 16th August 1877,according tohis diary.He also said ” I have never become friends with a child more easily ” He later told Mable his letters were for her and her only. She therefore never allowed anyone to copy them or publish them
      I have just bought one of his letter to her !!!

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