Jenny Woolf’s

UK author Jenny Woolf maintains a website which is our close cousin in the blogosphere – Previously, she has transcribed and annotated Lewis Carroll’s bank account – as Lewis Carroll in his Own Account. Her forthcoming book, The Mystery of Lewis Carroll, promises the following:

The book uses new information to unravel the reason why Carroll’s friendship with Alice Liddell’s family came to an end.

* It shows that Alice Liddell was not the “Alice” of the books, although she was the reason that they were written.
* It gives clues to a secret which dominated (and in some ways ruined) Carroll’s personal life.
* It shows how a supposedly minor acquaintance got Carroll into major trouble – trouble which never appeared into his diaries.
* It explains how Carroll’s love of little girls, though unusual, was not paedophiliac.

Her site’s blog, From Somewhere in Time, has interesting insights into the rigmarole of publishing a Lewis Carroll book. Like, the most recent post is a discussion on what color the clouds on the cover will be:

I’d prefer a pink or blue background- grey looks too gloomy.

Still what do authors know about selling books?