Since this blog will be a year old on Saturday, and is nearing its 100th post, and okay, just because I’m thinking about it, this seems a good time to give the Lewis Carroll Society of North America (LCSNA) a plug. I don’t think I’m biased at all when I highly recommend joining. Not only does your membership support free-to-the-public, twice-annual meetings in interesting places with fascinating, often world-renowned speakers, but members also receive the bi-annual Knight Letter journal and an annual publication not available anywhere else. (Don’t miss Mahendra Singh’s review of the most recent, Lewis Carroll: Voices From France by Elizabeth Sewell.)

The best part may be the interesting people one meets. Our meetings take place in the United States, but we have members in many countries who often find a way to join us. In addition, since Lewis Carroll was a mathematician, logician, photographer, inventor, and, oh yeah, author, and his works were/are then transferred to the stage, song, music, film, radio play, video game, opera, advertisements and commercials, music videos, comic book, textbooks, parodies, pastiches, mashups… I could go on for another three lines and someone would still let me know I’d forgotten something so I’ll stop now and get to my point: with such a wide variety of Carrollian topics, there is a wide variety of Carrollian enthusiasts interested in meeting and talking (and eating!) with fellow enthusiasts.

So if you haven’t already, tell yourself how much you love you and give yourself a LCSNA membership for Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Thank you for the mention of my ‘umble review-type efforts at my Snark blog.

    The LCSNA is a unique bargain, just the LCSNA-published books alone are worth the membership fee; they are unique and very informative. Very few academic presses publish (anymore) such interesting Carrollian work.

    very best, mahendra

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