Rackham Alice miniatures

LCSNA member Joel Birenbaum sends the following message:

“Minnie Maria, an English company, is producing a set of Alice miniatures based on the superb illustrations of Arthur Rackham. To my knowledge this is the first time this has been done. The figures are hand-painted pewter and are of a very high quality. The first figures have been produced and are of two scenes: Alice encounters the White Rabbit, and Alice and the Caterpillar. The Caterpillar and the mushroom are separate pieces that fit together quite well and are priced at GB£31 for the pair. They stand approximately 3″ tall [A very good height indeed!]. The Caterpillar is a great representation of Rackham’s drawing. The Alice (when she is small) that goes with this scene is 1.5″ tall and costs GB£17. The White Rabbit is 2″ tall and is magnificent, with his coat flared out as if he was speeding on his frenetic way. Don’t be late, he is GB£20. The compatible Alice for this scene is about 1.75″ tall. They all come in a variety of color combinations. The next scene to come is the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party. I can hardly wait!

Now for the good news, if we purchase a sufficient quantity, we will get a 25% discount. Understand that these items are heavy and shipping is expensive. For now, figure that the total price to you will be a 10% discount, but will include all shipping. If our order is large, the savings will be a little more, as shipping from the U.K. to the U.S. will be fixed price. Note that this is a limited time offer.

To see the figures, for further details, to order, and to contact Joel, please go to http://collectalice.home.comcast.net/~collectalice/maria.html.