I’m there!

Estate Sale: Alice in Wonderland collection for sale, including books, tea sets, dolls, collectibles, jewelry, and ephemera. Saturday, April 19, 9am – 4pm; 5806 Ruddy Duck Ct., in Stockton, California. More than 2,000 non-Alice books, plus furniture, framed artwork, china, clothes, and some antiques. This is the collection of the late Carolyn Buck, a long time Carroll/Alice collector. Most of the Alice books are from the last 30 years, but there are some older books as well. There are many Carroll biographies, including Life and Letters by Collingwood. Translations in German, French, Spanish, Greek ,and Slovenian, including a Slovenian translation of the Nursery Alice are up for sale. Halcyon and Kingsley enamel boxes plus ornaments, hand painted tee shirts, stamps, and much more. Address questions to Claudia Buck at buckpage@sbcglobal.net.