An exhibit for everyman

The Wilson Library at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill has an exhibit, “The ABC of Collecting Everyman’s Library,” which includes an Alice originally owned by Alice (Liddell) Hargreaves. The exhibit is free and runs from January 17 through March 31.

From our Australian correspondent: “The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s “Sunday Arts” program of 17 February had in its section “Australian Artists of Tomorrow” an item on Adelaide photographer Harmony Nicholas, “a rising star in photography”, “exhibiting at Adelaide’s “Citadel Exhibition Space” from 6-11 April 2008″. Much of her work plays with images from Alice in Wonderland. From what I could make out, it involves a grown adult dressed in the part; her blue frock and blondness seems (ironically or otherwise) derived from Disney rather than Tenniel directly.” Images can be viewed at

The Design Toscano website has a resin Humpty Dumpty statue for your garden or a very strong bookshelf (it weighs 11 pounds). It’s not quite Tenniel, but…


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  1. Hello there.
    In response to your March 2nd post, I am actually inspired by both Tenniel AND Disney, and in fact have a number of different versions of the Alice story as reference. Most of the series I even have my alices in the striped socks 😉

    And yes, they are all older girls, ranging from 18-34. There have been about 6 to date, myself included back when I began the Jabberwocky series.
    If you’d like to know more about the work, you’re welcome to email me at my standard account:


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