The So-Called ‘File Copy’

Presenter: Matt Demakos

Of all the extra-illustrated copies of the Alice books, none is perhaps more widely known than the “File-Copy,” which contains eleven original drawings by John Tenniel.   In “The So-Called ‘File-Copy,’” Matthew Demakos begins with its genesis and provenance (presenting newly discovered documents) and closes with the reason there are not eleven, as has always been reported, but twelve original drawings within.


Length: 30:21

Speaker Bio:

Matt Demakos papers about Carroll include “Hiawatha Annotating” (a look into Carroll’s “Hiawatha’s Photographing”); “Alice’s Adventures from Under Ground to Wonderland” (exploring the differences between the two); “Children through the Ages” (a study into the true ages of Carroll’s “child-friends”); and “Accountably and Unaccountably Shy” (about Carroll’s shyness). In 2016 he began works about Tenniel, first publishing in Knight Letter “Once I Was A Real Turtle” (about Tenniel’s post-publication drawings), with “Sketch—Trace—Draw” forthcoming (part 1 of a look into Tenniel’s working process), with part 2 (“Cut—Proof—Print”) planned as an online-only article.