Still Splattered

Presenter: Matt Demakos

Some scholars claim that the cancelled 1865 edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was as good, or even better than, the re-done 1866 edition.  In “Still Splattered,” Matthew Demakos not only takes a side, but demonstrates why the other has long got it wrong.  He makes his case with close-up photography and with an understanding of certain forgotten practices performed by Victorian printers.


Length: 30:09

Speaker Bio:

Matt Demakos papers about Carroll include “Hiawatha Annotating” (a look into Carroll’s “Hiawatha’s Photographing”); “Alice’s Adventures from Under Ground to Wonderland” (exploring the differences between the two); “Children through the Ages” (a study into the true ages of Carroll’s “child-friends”); and “Accountably and Unaccountably Shy” (about Carroll’s shyness). In 2016 he began works about Tenniel, first publishing in Knight Letter “Once I Was A Real Turtle” (about Tenniel’s post-publication drawings), with “Sketch—Trace—Draw” forthcoming (part 1 of a look into Tenniel’s working process), with part 2 (“Cut—Proof—Print”) planned as an online-only article.