The History of the Appleton Edition of Alice

Presenter: August Imholtz

Imholtz will discuss the fascinating history of the Appleton Alice, how it almost came not to be, how it did come to be, what it is, its variations, its marketing, its early reception in the United States, and its survival.


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Length: 14:59

Speaker Bio:

August A. Imholtz is a past president of the LCSNA (1985-86) and served on its Board for decades. He continues to dispense helpful advice as a grey eminence behind the scenes and to write and publish on Carrollian topics (among others). A classicist by training, August published the first of his many scintillating, often hilarious articles on Lewis Carroll more than 40 years ago: “The Absent Ablative and the Search for Alice’s Brother’s Latin Grammar” (The Classical Bulletin, January 1979). He is also the co-author (with Alison Tannenbaum) of Alice Eats Wonderland, “An Irreverent Annotated Cookbook Adventure.